All First Time Clients Must Pay For His/Her Cleaning At Least 48 Hours In Advance Before 1st Cleaning Can Begin.

Our Personal Touch Services Include

Detailed Cleaning

All services include cleaning supplies, vacuums, mops, and brooms at no additional cost.

All Rooms
Dust tops of door frames
Dust/wipe all baseboards
Dust all picture frames
Remove all visible cobwebs
Dust light fixtures
Dust ceiling fans
Dust mini blinds and window sills
Dust entertainment centers
Dust TV screens – if allowed
Clean mirrors
Clean under couches/furniture
Shake rugs
3-Step floor care process

See "All Rooms"

**Dishes placed in dishwasher
Spot clean cabinets
Clean tops, fronts, sides of appliances
Clean inside and out of microwave
Clean top of stove and stove ventilation top
Clean/sanitize counter tops
Clean/sanitize sink
Wipe down handles
See "All Rooms"

Make beds or *replace bed linens

See "All Rooms"

***Clean/sanitize toilets
****Clean/sanitize showers, tubs, sinks, showers
Clean/sanitize countertops
Wipe down handles in sink, shower, bathtubs
Additional Services Available
  • Reachable Interior Window Cleaning
  • Inside Oven and Refrigerator Cleaning - Price Varies
  • Behind / Underneath Appliances - Price Varies
  • Inside Drawers/Cabinets & Closet Shelves - Price Varies
  • Cleaning / Dusting High Unreachable Areas
  • Dust / Clean Each Mini-Blind by Hand
  • Detailed Dusting Knick Knacks, Artificial Trees & Floral / Delicate Items
  • Fireplace Cleaning / Vacuum Out - Price Varies
  • Any Other Cleanings You May Need, Feel Free To Let Us Know
  • *We Can Create Any Custom Cleaning Package For You.*
** Cost May Vary **
**Please Note**

Changing linens: If you would like the linens on the bed(s) changed, please leave clean linens out and visible.

Our staff will place dirty dishes in the dishwasher if there are no clean dishes inside as we do not want to mix these up. Our staff are not able to put dishes away.

Hard water build-up and/or mold in showers and toilets may require more than one cleaning to remove. Also, other things that may require more than one visit are excess dust build up, grime on mini blinds, etc... Although baseboards are part of our routine cleanings, a second visit may be required due to dust and grime build up. If you would like for us to come back before your next scheduled visit or a second time if it is a one time clean, an additional fee is required.

Please assist us by picking up clutter! Our prices will be based on the "average" home requiring the "average" amount of cleaning time. Excessive clutter can change the rates you receive.

Pricing Information

Prices vary depending on square footage and frequency of cleaning. VIP Loyalty Cards and Sparkles Bucks are giving to all our customers, which gives you added savings year round. Gift Certificates are available. Refer A Friend discounts offered. Additional services available.

We are available after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays as well as Saturdays for an additional service charge of $85.00

*Custom Cleanings to Your Specifications Avaliable*

*NOTE: For YOUR courtesy, we will NOT move any papers on desks, kitchen bars or anywhere else we see papers lying around as we do not want to disturb your organization. We will dust around them. So please, if you would like your desks, etc. in any room properly dusted, please make sure all papers are put away so we can do a thorough job.

**We do not enter rooms with closed doors.**

We look forward to your phone call or email so we can serve you!

Our goal is to make your home SPARKLE like stars!!

Due to the quality of our work and high standards we have and we feel you deserve, we charge a one time only, first time cleaning fee of $70.00 in addition to your quoted price.

Our goal is to start from scratch from the top to the bottom of your home and business to make it SPARKLE like STARS so you can come home and put your feet up, relax carefree and enjoy your family.

Due to the fact that we take extra time and care on the first clean to get your home and business up to the standards you deserve, it does take more time the first clean. After that, the quote we give you will stay the same through the years you allow us to serve you.

We do NOT do rotation cleaning. Everything is always done each and every time by the check list we go over with you on the day of your quote!

Please note that if you purchase a cleaning at any discounted rate and/or a time allocated clean that your entire house may not be completed. We strive extremely hard to complete all task within the allocated time purchased but, due to factors such as the size of your house, condition of home, etc... may limit the time our tech will have to finish the entire home. Please take this into consideration when purchasing any cleanings that have an allocated time. (ex. 2 hour / 4 hour cleaning etc...) Only One Tech Will Be Cleaning Time Allocated Homes.

We look forward to serving you with our high quality and consistent services!

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