Your facility’s cleanliness impacts your operations in many ways. From impressions to the health of your employees it’s vital to have a commercial cleaning company that understands this. A company that understands the value of partnering with you, not just working as a vendor.

Sparkles Maid Services™ provides quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services. We place a high priority on honesty, hard work, and integrity with every service we deliver. Our company can provide evening cleaning services so that we don’t interfere with your daily business activities.

We specialize in cleaning offices, windows, floors, and carpets for just about any type of commercial facility. Best of all, we understand that each facility needs attention on its unique requirements. It’s that type of specific attention to the details that you get when you partner with Sparkles Maid Services.

Commercial Services

  • General Office Facilities - Cleaning Services That Allow You to Concentrate On Your Clients.

    We understand the cleaning business from floor to ceiling and we know that customer satisfaction is not achieved without hard work.

  • Medical - Your Prescription For Cleaning Services In Professional Medical Facilities.

    Specially trained and equipped to handle the special needs of the medical profession.

  • Financial - Banks Count On Office Pride For Solid Performance.

    We are familiar with the special trash removal procedures within the banking industry.

  • Churches - We Can't Cleanse The Soul, But We Can Clean Your Buildings.

    Above all else, we want to take away the "headache" of cleaning so that the church can focus on touching people's lives in a positive way.

  • Schools - Schools Get A+ Service With Our Cleaning Services.

    Our cleaning and maintenance services guarantee specific routine cleaning and provide your students an inviting learning environment.

  • Day Care - Trust Our Professional Service For Your Day Care Facility.

    We understand the trust Day Cares place in us to make their facilities give that good first impression and every impression after that

    The Customer will pay interest on any late payment at the annual interest rate of 24 percent

  • Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Construction, Machine Shops Clean Offices Reflect On Your Business.

    People notice a well cleaned waiting room / offices or a freshly vacuumed carpet. Give your customers the right impression as they walk into your business.

  • Property Managment - Most Janitorial Services Are Cyclical at Best.

    We know you service providers are a reflection of our company, and we do not take the responsibility lightly.

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